Awarded the 2014-2015 Roberta Ellen Lamb Fellowship

I just received news that I have been selected as this year to receive the Roberta Ellen Lamb Endowed Memorial Fellowship in ICS for the 2014-15 academic year! I am deeply honored and pleased to be this year’s recipient.

Information about the Fellowship:

“The Roberta Ellen Lamb Endowed Memorial Fellowship was created to honor the life of Associate Professor of Informatics Roberta Lamb, who passed away in late 2006. Her parents, Mosselle and Bob Pione, funded an endowment to honor Roberta’s life, the body of work she completed, and the important work left unfinished by her untimely death, and also to inspire others to continue the legacy she left behind. With this fellowship, the Pione’s hope that you will be able to continue your research and dissertation.”

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