Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2016!

I am delighted to announce that my co-authored paper, Digital Footprints and Changing Networks During Online Identity Transitions, has received an Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2016.

Haimson, O., Brubaker, J. R., Dombrowski, L., Hayes, G. R. Digital Footprints and Changing Networks During Online Identity Transitions. Proc. CHI 2016. San Jose, CA. May 7-12, 2016.

Abstract: Digital artifacts on social media can challenge individuals during identity transitions, particularly those who prefer to delete, separate from, or hide data that are representative of a past identity. This work investigates concerns and practices reported by transgender people who transitioned while active on Facebook. We analyze open-ended survey responses from 283 participants, highlighting types of data considered problematic when separating oneself from a past identity, and challenges and strategies people engage in when managing personal data in a networked environment. We find that people shape their digital footprints in two ways: by editing the self-presentational data that is representative of a prior identity, and by managing the configuration of people who have access to that self-presentation. We outline the challenging interplay between shifting identities, social networks, and the data that suture them together. We apply these results to a discussion of the complexities of managing and forgetting the digital past.

Congratulations to my co-authors!

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