Design Portfolio

Hello, I wanted to highlight a few design artifacts that I’ve created, including user experience (UX) and visual design examples.

UX & Graphic Design Work

Hestia is a design probe investigating inter-organizational politics of collection action. I lead a team of undergraduate and graduate researchers to transform sketches into a design probe and location-based information system that mapped food resources for hunger-focused nonprofit organizations.

This project is from my participatory design workshops with urban farmers, hunger-focused nonprofits, and citizens. In this project, participants proposed an online local food market exchange between farmers and individual retail businesses.

This project is from my participatory design workshops and included participants who were from hunger-focused nonprofits and the local community. In this project, participants proposed a mobile application version of a fresh produce incentive program for a government nutrition program (e.g., Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program; colloquially known as Food Stamps) recipients.


This poster was to the iConference 2015 Poster Sessions. The poster articulates high level findings from participatory design sessions focused on hunger and food justice. The findings articulate key design decisions that can help designers frame and examine large, systemic social issues within a social justice-oriented design process. Problem framing is an important process for contending with systemic issues and may help designers in their generative and analytic processes.


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