Local Online Food Market Place

This project is from my participatory design workshops with urban farmers, hunger-focused nonprofits, and citizens. In this project, participants proposed an online local food market exchange between farmers and individual retail businesses. An online marketplace would allow farmers to list items for sale and for local small food retailers to negotiate the purchase and distribution of those items. Many of the participants were urban farmers and nonprofit workers who wanted to make urban farmer a more plausible alternative for Atlanta. We worked on sketching out an online marketplace system that might be able to facilitate interactions between farmers and those niche sellers. You might be wondering, “Why didn’t we use a preexisting marketplace?”. Many of the participants felt that currently existing systems were “too capitalist” (their words not mine) and those systems did not support local economies and entrepreneurs. Additionally, they wanted to have influence over decisions and existing software does not afford them any influence over the food system.

Based on the participatory design sessions, I produced wireframes using Balsamiq. The resulting report articulates the ways in which participants framed the problem as well as sketches that could be taken to be further developed into a workable prototype or system (e.g., a senior Computer Science course or perhaps hackathon for social good).

Extended Report Link: Local Online Food Market Place Report

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