Research Group

I pretty darn lucky to work with people who engage in design and research that makes a difference. Interested in working with me? Please read this information about prospective students.

Ph.D. Students
Nitya Verma, Informatics (2016 – ) (co-advised with Dr. Davide Bolchini)
Travis Faas, Informatics, (2016 – ) (co-advised with Dr. Andrew Miller)
Taghreed Aleshari, Visiting Ph.D. Student from Open Lab, Newcastle University (2017)

M.S. Students
Avinash Mishra, HCI M.S. (2017 – )
Tsu-yu Su, M.S. HCI (2017 – )
Sai Manohar Reddy Peddireddy, M.S. Informatics (2017)
Hanlin Li, M.S. HCI (2016-2017) (M.S. Thesis Committee) (Now at Northwestern)
Adriana Alvarado Garcia, M.S. HCI (2015-2017) (Now at Georgia Tech)
Jasbir Kaur, M.S. HCI (2016-2017)
Lindsay Danielle Kurbursky, M.S. HCI (2016-2017) (Now at Apparatus)
Deborah Strzeszkowski, M.S. HCI (2015-2016) (Now at IU Health)

B.S. Students
Ashley Holden, B.S., Informatics (2018-)
Jiva Capulong, B.S. Informatics (2015 – )
Taylor Childers, B.S., Informatics (2017)

Dr. Norman Makoto Su, Dept of Human-Computer Interaction and Design, IU (2017 – )
Dr. Amy Voida, Dept of Information Science, CU-Boulder (2011 – )