Hello! I’m still in the process of updating my website (August 8, 2014), including information about my research on hunger-focused nonprofits, eGovernment, and HCI.


Examining Sociotechnical Food Justice

This participatory design project examines how various perspectives on social justice affects the visioning and design of systems and technologies aimed to address issues of food justice.




Designing with Hunger-focused Nonprofits

Within the US, hunger continues to be a major social issue. In this work, I explore how technology can be designed to work alongside hunger-focused nonprofit organizations to address pressing local food needs.




eGovernment Intermediaries

Governments and nonprofit organizations work together to provide social safety nets for the underserved. In my research, I examine this often invisible work of the individuals working at the boundaries of local communities and states to provide nutrition-related services for low-socioeconomic communities.

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