Examining Sociotechnical Food Justice

Collaborators: Gillian R. Hayes, Melissa Mazmanian, & Carl DiSalvo
This work addresses how implicit notions of justice affect how challenges are framed and solutions are understood in the design process for information and communication technologies. This research asks how various perspectives on social justice affects the visioning and design of systems and technologies aimed to address issues of food justice.

Novel technological systems can address large social problems and create a lens through which to examine these social problems and the role of technology in addressing these large, systemic social issues. In this work, I use participatory methods from design and human-computer interaction to understand the goals, challenges, and lived experiences of these nonprofits and communities and to match technologies to these needs.

This research seeks to support designers who want to develop socially beneficial technologies and work alongside local communities. My work will articulate how different operationalization and orientations of the concepts of justice impact the technology design and thus the limitations and strengths of technology design in addressing large social problems. Further, responding to the particular lived experiences (e.g., their resources, challenges, etc.) of the research participants, my work offers insight into how to improve design methods in contexts of social justice. As a result of this work, I plan to articulate guidelines and principles for organizing design practice orienting towards community-based design endeavors for large social issues.

Publications Forthcoming

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